Welcome to project implementation, located at the confluence of your dreams and good stream science. 

We've worked together since 2009 to carefully identify many factors to guide the best stream stewardship projects in the Rondout and Neversink basins, together with the education, outreach and training needs of the community for continued success and sustainability. 

Our Grants Program Is Underway

Rondout Neversink Stream Program Implementation Projects PDF

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Funding is now in place to support the Towns of Denning and Neversink, residents, educators, students, community organizations and scientists - the many stakeholders in the health of our streams and rivers. Eligible projects to improve water quality and education about stream stewardship practices include: erosion control, floodplain management, stormwater BMPs, stream crossings, roadside ditch maintenance, training/workshops, public presentations, and school/organization partnerships.       



Education & Outreach Grant Application Instructions

Education & Outreach Grant Application 

Grants will be considered for projects in the categories below as related to water quality stewardship principles including: water quality enhancement/improvement, stream stability and sediment transport improvement, flood hazard mitigation and infrastructure protection, riparian habitat improvement, general ecology, and any educational goal with public benefits to the community consistent with principles and best management practices recommended in the Rondout or Neversink Stream Management Plans. 

  • Training/Workshops

  • Exhibits and Public Presentations

  • School Programs

  • Educational Media in all formats

Assistance available to applicants by email at krauter@rondoutneversink.org or phone: 845-985-2581. 

Infrastructure Grants Round 3 APPLICATIONS

ElIGIBLE: Town of Neversink, Town of Denning, Ulster & Sullivan COunties in Neversink & Denning

Project Designs/Construction Plans

(Sullivan County Soil & Water Conservation District provides P.E. Services)

  • Emergency Flood Response

  • Erosion Control

  • Basin-wide Culvert Inventory

  • Infrastructure Protection/Floodplain Management

  • Stormwater BMPs (culverts) or Stream Crossings (bridges)

  • Roadside Ditch Maintenance/Critical Area Seeding

Assistance available to applicants by email at bwagner@rondoutneversink.org or phone: 845-985-2581.