Each link in this section provides a PDF report of the demonstration phase stream restoration projects initiated by Conservation Districts funded by NYC DEP Stream Management Program. 

Habitat Restoration Demonstration Project, W. Branch Neversink 

Stream Bank Stabilization Demonstration Project Sundown Creek 

Neversink Town Hall Demonstration Site Chestnut Creek 

Maps below document Japanese Knotweed control activities in the Upper Rondout Basin. A new control site is underway at County Road 47 in Denning on West Branch Neversink . This effort is supported by a grant from CRISP (Catskill Region Invasive Species Partnership) in conjunction with The Catskill Center in Arkville, N.Y. More information here.

JKW Control Sites Map Chestnut

JKW Control Sites Map Rondout

Japanese Knotweed Project Progress 2010-2014 

Japanese Knotweed Awareness Campaign