Invasive Plant Management Underway on Neversink

A multi-year education campaign about the invasive plant, Japanese Knotweed, paid off last week when a Frost Valley commuter sited its appearance on County Road 47 in Denning. Control efforts are now underway with participation by Ulster County DPW, Denning Highway Department, landowners and staff at Catskill Region Invasive Species Partnership (CRISP), which has funded a project for Knotweed control on Rondout and Chestnut Creeks since 2012. 

Signs will be installed next week at the site to promote the spread prevention message: "Do Not Disturb, Do Not Mow." Japanese Knotweed, not previously known to grow in active stands on the Neversink, travels in fill for road projects and then roots by small fragments which find purchase on stream banks. Knotweed thrives too well in the riparian area, but lacks the rooting structure of native plants which it out-competes. The resulting risks are bank erosion and blocked access for recreationists.