Final Report: Sundown Local Flood Analysis 2016

What's Possible for Sundown: Benefits v. Costs October 2016 Meeting Presentation PDF

Sundown Model: What Does It Show About Flooding? September 2016 Meeting Presentation PDF

How Do We Identify Flood Hazard Mitigation Options? June 2016 Meeting Document PDF

Intro to Local Flood Analysis Program May 2016 Meeting Documents PDF


Final Report: Claryville Local Flood Analysis 2016

Presentation Flood Model Part 2: More Mitigation Options September 2015

Presentation Flood Model First Look: Mitigation Options August 2015

Presentation Flood Model Basics & Community Input July 2015

Flyer for Community Presentation Dates Denning/Claryville Flood Model 2015

Mailing for Community Presentations Denning/Claryville Flood Model 2015

A new program is underway to provide technical resources and funding to communities in the process of exploring possible solutions to mitigate hazards caused by flooding.  Few rural towns are untouched by this issue. Inter-municipal Agreement was signed by Denning, Neversink and giving Sullivan County Soil & Water Conservation District the ability to contract for engineering services on behalf of the Towns for the first analysis in Denning/Claryville. The Denning Neversink Local Flood Analysis Committee was delegated by their respective Town Boards to coordinate a stepped process to identify and explain beneficial and cost-sustainable solutions with professional engineering support. Representatives include Town Zoning, Planning and Code Enforcement officials, in addition to technical and outreach staff of Sullivan County Soil & Water Conservation District.

Progress: Denning/Claryville Local Flood Analysis

  • Barton and Loguidice was hired and fieldwork took place fall 2014 and spring 2015 to complete survey needed for data to put into the hydraulic model.
  • Landowners were notified about survey and data collection 
  • Public Presentations with Community Input were held July 30-31, August 20-21, September 10-11 and November 12. 
  • A final report by Barton and Loguidice was submitted by the Denning Neversink Local Flood Analysis Committee to the Towns of Neversink and Denning. Both Towns accepted the recommendations of the final report at their July 2016 meetings. 
  • Local Flood Analysis is being conducted this summer in Sundown (Rondout Creek) and will take place in Grahamsville (Chestnut Creek) in 2017.